Thank you for making my hot flashes disappear.

I tried traditional medicine for 5 years (the limit for taking hormones). I tried every herb recommended by many naturopathic doctors all to no avail.

Finally after 13 years of hell I can wear clothes that cover most of my body, shoes in summer & winter, I can close my outside apartment door. In winter I can wear fashion scarfs and wear my hair down.

I no longer keep ice packs ready to put on my neck, stomach, or soles of my feet, to cool myself. I can even enjoy a hot liquid drink without the curse creeping up on me.

Patricia (RN, BSN, Masters)


I have a long history since childhood of bowl problems and candidas and I went to many therapists and they tried to help me but were unable to do so. Furthermore I’ve suffered from diverticulis (bowl pockets). Dr. Lui is the only therapist that has helped me. He has a long history in the medical field as a medical doctor and surgeon coupled with much knowledge of holistic medicine. I am very grateful for the treatment and council of Dr. Lui regarding the bowel problem.



My name is Lin, DOB 1968, I had not experienced colonics before. Since Sep 23, 2004, I have had colonics two times and I lose 8 lbs. I feel very good afterwards, and my skin (face) is lighter and softer.



I first saw Dr. Lui on Oct. 19, 1998 at the request of my spouse. I was very resistant, I didn’t think acupuncture could help. I have relapsing/remitting multiple sclerosis. I have had painful, burning sensations in my legs (particularly the left leg) for a couple of months. It was getting worse, the pain was spreading up to my waist. I was extremely fatigued and depressed.

Dr. Lui felt he could help to alleviate the painful sensations in my legs. I grudgingly agreed to give acupuncture a try. It took a while but gradually I began to notice the pain was less and I had more energy. One day I realized the pain in my legs was gone! Dr. Lui began to teach me about deep breathing, Chi Gong and Tai Chi exercises, to build up my energy and strength my body.

Dr. Lui’s approach to my medical condition encompassed more than my physical ailments and included my emotional and mental states of well being.

I have benefited greatly from Dr. Lui’s treatments and am very thankful for the care and support he has given me.



Please accept this letter as our personal recommendation to using the services of Dr. Canny Lui. My wife first had occasion to avail herself of his services in 1994. At the time she was suffering from such intense back pain that normal living had become almost unbearable. Her regular doctor had told her that she could only be helped by having a back operation. He gave her a 50% chance of walking after such an operation. Friends of ours from China recommended we see Dr. Lui. After only 3 treatments she was free of pain and full of the joy of living again. Over the years we have recommended Dr. Lui to more than twenty different friends and acquaintances and without exception each was helped and relieved of their various ailments. Our experience has convinced us that Dr. Lui is a true healer and in some cases uses healing techniques not known to western medicine that have given demonstrable benefits to the parties we have sent to his care.

Ken and Darlene


I’ve had back problems for 15 years or longer. I’ve been to two specialists and many chiropractors over the years. I heard about Dr. Lui so I gave him a try on Nov. 30, 1988. That weekend my sons were in a hockey tournament and I sat there 11 hockey games from Friday noon till Sunday night, not once did my back give me any problems, a first in years.