Colonics, or colon hydrotherapy, is a branch of naturopathic science first started by the Greeks 4000 years ago. It is an internal bath of the entire colon where toxins, gas, accumulated fecal encrustation, and candidas are washed out. Colonics is becoming more common as a natural internal cleanse for promoting general good health.

The main functions of the colon are absorption of water and minerals, and the formation and elimination of feces. Irregular or infrequent bowel movements, stress, improper diet, insufficient water intake, lack of exercise, over-eating, etc. can allow fecal material and toxic residues to remain in the colon. This prevents proper absorption of residue nutrients. Toxic residues accumulate over time and stick to the inner membrane of the colon, forming layers of toxic fecal material along the colon walls which can be absorbed back into the blood stream (autointoxication). Many conditions that are caused by the presence of toxin in the blood (toxemia) can be improved by colonics.

Due to the accumulation of fecal material along the colon wall, the colon narrows and gets heavier. In some cases causing it to change in shape or shift in position, leading to other illnesses as it presses against other body organs. Colonics can promote the elimination of the toxic and fecal waste, naturally and without drugs or other side effects, which would not otherwise be possible through individual efforts.

A healthy colon contains 80% friendly bacteria that help with digestion, and 20% harmful bacteria. As the colon becomes encrusted with fecal material, the balance of friendly/harmful bacteria become reversed, more harmful bacteria is found in the colon than friendly bacteria. During the colonics session the colon bacteria is flushed out. A 100% friendly bacterium, lacto-bifidus acidophilus, is introduced into the colon to help re-balance the friendly/harmful bacteria ratio.

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