Auricular treatment uses the ear for healing purposes. The external ear is a highly sensitive organ that contains many nerves, each of which connects to the central nervous system of the body.

Auricular treatment is similar to acupuncture, with two important differences. All reflexive points are located on the ears, and no needles are used.

Auricular Seed Press:

Small seeds are taped to reflexive points on the ears, and remain taped for a few days. Patients are able to treat themselves by applying pressure to these points periodically. As a result effects last longer, and less visits are required.

Over 200 diseases and symptoms can be treated by this method:

Digestive diseases
Diseases of the respiratory system
Diseases of the circulatory system
Nervous diseases and mental diseases
Endocrine and metabolic diseases
Diseases of the urinary system
Diseases of the five sense organs
Dynecological diseases
Surgical diseases

In addition, this method of treatment can also help:

Maintain general health
Quit smoking
Quit drinking
Quit drug addiction