Dr. Canny T. Lui  PhD, Dr.TCM

Welcome to North America Colon Health Centre, my name is Dr. Canny T. Lui.

I am a certified colon hydrotherapist, and a registered doctor of TCM and acupuncturist in BC.

I have been performing colon hydrotherapy and acupuncture in Vancouver for over 17 years. Before coming to Canada, I was a medical doctor in China for 16 years, including five years as a specialist surgeon in cancerous tumour.

  • Registered Chinese Traditional Medicine Doctor and Acupuncturist (CTCMA)
  • Certified member of International Association for Colon Hydro Therapy (IACT)
  • Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada
  • Tumor Surgery Program of China (1976)
  • Canton Chinese Traditional Medicine University (1965)